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Please select the link under the county your property is located in. The link will open another page where you can enter your address to look up your lot size, usually calculated in sq. ft. There may be additional information that comes up but all you will need is the lot size. Occasionally, lot size information is unavailable. If this is the case you, us an e-mail or give us a call and we will look it up for you!


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Leavenworth GIS 

Mulch Install

Mulch is used to keep the soil moist and reduce the amount of water that evaporates from soil. 

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Removes plugs to relieve compact soil and increase the flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots.

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Reseeding compensates for the slowdown of new growth in your lawn, supplementing existing plants with newly seeded plants.

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Lawn Mowing

For an affordable price we will mow your lawn, edge, and clean up any structure within your lawn.

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Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning the plant to improve form and growth. Branches are removed with minimum damage to cambium.

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Turf Complete 3pak

This bundle is perfect to maintaining a perfect lawn it includes a complete aeration, over seeding using a premium fescue blend seed, and a quality starter fertilizer.

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