Service Day & Time
We work Monday through Saturday. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific mow day. Our crews follow the same route every week, so you will notice they will arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers it may change, so we cannot guarantee a day or time. Our crews sometimes work until 7 PM, so if your yard is not mowed by 5 PM, do not worry.

One of our top priority is to show up on the designated mow day. So, we must ignore holidays if they fall on a Monday through Saturday. Since we have hundreds of yards on the schedule, there is no way we can skip a day & then catch up. If you want us to skip until your next scheduled mow, just e-mail us or give us a call at least 24 hours in advance.

Rain days
We try to finish our routes unless it is pouring rain all day, in which case, we push the balance of the weeks schedule 1 day. This is a strictly scheduled service, and we rely on you to call to skip if you think it is to wet to mow. However, if you skip, the mow will not be rescheduled, so the grass will get tall which will create more problems, so we urge you to let us mow it wet.

Biweekly Schedule (every 2 weeks)
Biweekly mowing schedules are available, but please be advised that most yards will not look their best with less than weekly service. We mulch/recycle grass clipping back into the lawn. If your grass is healthy & growing fast & tall, the grass clippings are more likely to lay on top of the lawn instead of falling between the grass blades and into the lawn. As a result your lawn will not look as well manicured as it will if mowed weekly. So, if you are particular about the looks of your lawn, you should schedule weekly service instead of biweekly service.

Mowing Season
Our mowing season generally starts the 3rd week in April and ends the last week in November.

We prefer to receive requests from this site which is monitored not only during business hours, but many of the after business hours. E-mail messages allow us time to review your property if you are not a customer; or your account if you are a customer. We usually reply quicker than you would expect.

Ongoing Service terms and Cancellation terms
There is no obligation on either party to begin or continue service. The "You like us & we like you" agreement makes for a mutually beneficial relationship. If you sign up as a customer, we consider you a customer on an ongoing basis from season to season until you cancel. (Example: Our season begins the third week of April and continues thru the end of November; you sign up as a customer, for weekly service, in June; we come out on a weekly bases until the end of November; services are stopped during the winter; services start again the 3rd week of April and we come out on an ongoing weekly basis again.) We are confident that you will be pleased with our services, but if for some reason you choose to cancel service, you must give a notice 48 hours prior to your next scheduled service date. No weekend cancellations for the following Monday.